Modern Foreign Languages

A.I.S. is an International school and apart from our bilingual education in English and Spanish, our students have the opportunity to develop their language skills by choosing French or German as a foreign language. This is available from Year 6 to year 11 when it will lead to an GCSE qualification. A further study in languages is also available for them at A level if they wish.

Our students benefit from small size grouping which allows a good practice in the target language. They learn to use the language in different contexts with an active approach to communication and appealing to different types of learning styles. Our students develop their fours skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing) and all of them are examined at GCSE level.

In our department we have organised contacts with native speakers from the target language through the Internet or through a school exchange and all our teachers are native speakers.

The languages classrooms are equipped with CD players to practise listening skills, USB microphones to speak and record, as well as projectors and computers. Our IT resources are here to support language learning with the use of individual notebooks and on-line French and German courses combined with the matching textbooks.

Our aims as languages teachers are:

To deliver high quality language education to every pupil through challenging and stimulating learning.

To promote awareness, knowledge and understanding of other cultures in an international context.

To equip pupils with language skills which have relevance beyond the classroom.

To maximise the achievement of every pupil and promote equal opportunities for all pupils.