Mathematics in Secondary

As students move to secondary, they continue to learn to be mathematicians. Mathematics at A.I.S. is designed to make students think. Through investigations and mental calculations, they begin the journey of discovery of the world of Mathematics and start to ask (and answer) their own questions.


Students start to explore Maths and are introduced to Algebra and more formal methods for setting out their work, whilst at the same time investigating and coming up with their own rules.


Students work towards IGCSE, following either Foundation or Higher tiers.
The four main areas covered are: Numbers, Algebra, Data and Measurement.

Since 2008, there is no coursework in IGCSE maths. Students are assessed at the end of Year 11 in two written exams – one with and one without a calculator.

6th Form

A level Maths is taken over two years. It has 6 modules; 4 pure and 2 applied.
Pure Maths looks at Algebra, graph sketching, trigonometry and calculus.

Applied Maths has various options for modules including Statistics (data handling and probability), Decision Maths (critical paths and most efficient routes) and Mechanics (Vectors, Kinematics and Moments)
Further Maths A level is also available for the most able students and prepares students for future studies in Maths, Physics and Engineering.