All students are involved in Key Stage 3  Art. Pupils use technical and expressive skills in recording ideas and feelings. They show a developing ability to analyse and represent chosen features of the natural and made environment. They are increasingly able to research, organize and experiment with relevant resources and materials. They modify and refine their work to realise their intentions and plan and make further developments taking account of their own and others views and the history of art from many cultures.

In Key Stage 4 those students who have selected the subject for IGCSE follow a set course on observational, analytical and interpretive studies including aspects of the history of art relevant to their work.

The subject is popular and many students who have passed at the required grade in IGCSE go on to take AS and A2  advanced level art studies.

They compare work across time and places recognising characteristics that stay the same and those that change. They critically appraise their own and others work in the light of what was intended.

Pupils analyse images and artefacts, using appropriate art, crafts and design vocabulary and identify how ideas, feelings and meanings are conveyed in different styles and traditions.

We send many students to universities across the world to pursue an art degree of their choice, which could be; painting, sculpture, fashion and textiles, internet design work, film and animation, restoration, gallery work and also the commercial world of art.