Welcome from Headteacher

I am so happy and honoured to be the Head teacher at Almuñecar International School. This school and education are two of my greatest passions. Each and every student is at the core of our thinking. For this reason personalized learning is at the heart of our school. We want each individual to be proud of their achievements and of those of their peers. From an early age we want to share the process with you, their parents. The greatest gifts that we can give them are ROOTS and WINGS. Roots , the nourishing start, the inner values to guide, the firm, foundation on which to build their lives and wings of independence, to explore, to soar, to find themselves  and to achieve their goals.

In the 21st Century developments are constantly being made; it is a rapidly changing world that we and our children live in. We aim to prepare them for that future in knowledge, understanding, creative thinking, open mindedness so that they become caring but successful global citizens.  We want them to ask questions and look for their own answers, to think and unlock their full potential. We implemented the Cambridge International Curriculum last year in Primary and Secondary. We continue to use the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum for our youngest children to explore and investigate, to be cared for in a supportive environment. In Primary and Lower secondary, the Cambridge International Curriculum is our base for English, Maths and Science. We are following the New English curriculum flexibly for all other subjects including Computing. In Years 10 and 11 students study for their Cambridge IGCSEs and GCSEs and in Year 12 and 13 for their International A levels. We are developing our curriculum in these final two years by encouraging our sixth form students to take an active role in the school and in the local community rather than purely focusing on the academic. We want them to continue to develop as reponsible citizen with a sense of responsibility and a deeper understanding of their environment and their role within it.

The students also follow the compulsory elements of the Spanish curriculum, Lengua and Spanish culture. Our curriculum will continue to evolve to meet the needs of the 21st Century. We strive to be an outstanding school in all respects and to achieve academic excellence.

This is my 22nd year living in Spain and working here at Almuñécar International School. Fistly, I worked as a primary class teacher, also I taught art in secondary 1 and English as an additional language to Years 10 and 11. Later I became Head of Primary, Deputy Head and now have the good fortune to have been selected as Head teacher. My son started at the school when he was two and continued his education here until he was 18.

he is now 23 and after completing a degree in the UK in set design/ construction/ performance art has now completed his first year working for a company in London where he is developing skills and knowledge that he gained at school and university. My decision to work at AIS is a decision that has changed my life and that of my son. We have enjoyed our experience and have benefitted from it and so I would like your children to have the same possibility and to join us and enjoy and benefit from their experience with us.

A child´s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves their mark. For this reason we carefully select our teachers, assistants and all who work in the school. We choose a variety of people to work here all of whom are qualified for the work that they do. Some are new, enthusiastic teachers at the start of their careers, others are highly experienced professionals. All of our staff contribute to the development of each child. They support, or challenge, or celebrate their successes. We are a close knit community where respect for all is encouraged and nurtured. We have high expectations of all because we all rely on each other, we all have something to learn from each other. In this way we ensure that everyone at the school feels secure, valued and respected.

We are sure that with the education that you provide at home for your child along with the education we provide in the school setting, your child can only succeed, not only academically but as a responsible, caring global citizen who can communicate effectively in at least two languages.


Fiona Jacobs