School Learning Phases


At our school, we are continuing to develop our creative curriculum. Initially this required a complete change of thinking for many
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Secondary Key Stage 3

Our KS3/ Middle Years programme is guided by well established educational principles: The importance of linking learning and holisti
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Secondary Key Stage 4

Year 10 Year 10 is the first year of the students’ preparation for the IGCSE examinations. It is a very important year when firm fou
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Sixth Form

Sixth Form at AIS. The Sixth Form, or Key Stage 5, is the final two years of education before university. Students follow a much mor
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Introduction to the school learning phases:

AIS admits pupils from the age of 3 though to the age of 19.

The school organises itself into 5 learning phases which groups students into the English National Curriculum key stages. Our pupils are then placed in year group classes from early years 1 and 2 then onto year 1 to year 13.

The Early Years and Foundation Stage and Primary 1:
Classes in Early years 1 and 2, Year 1 and 2 provide a learning environment for pupils between the age of 3 and 7.  This covers the foundation stage curriculum and up to National curriculum levels 1 and 2.

Primary 2:
Our Primary 2 learning phase covers class 3 to class 6. This stage provides a curriculum and learning experiences for pupils aged between 7 and 11. Pupils are working within the National curriculum ranges of level 3 to level 5.

Secondary 1:
Our middle years programme is called Secondary 1. The curriculum is suitable for pupils aged 11 to 14.We have 3 classes in Secondary 1;  classes 7 to 9. We aim to cover the National Curriculum ranges of Level 4 to level 7.

Secondary 2:
Our upper school programme provides a curriculum for our students aged 14 to 16. These are the final years of compulsory schooling. We have class 10 and class 11 in this phase. These are the IGCSE years and prepare students for national examinations for the UK and Spain.

6th Form:
Our Sixth form takes in students aged 16 to 19. Our students can follow a range of IGCSE and Advanced level courses. We also prepare students for university and working life.

Our learning phases are most likely to be age related but their can be some movement. It is also possible to allow students to attend classes out of their phase, subject to timetable constraints.