Y10 students Global Perspectives on the radioshow “Almuñécar en el Medio”

The students of Y10 Global Perspectives (Carmen, Christine, Alex) were on the local radio station of Almuñécar as part of their group work.

Accompanied by their teacher, Mr Galiana, they were interviewed by the people responsible for the “Almuñécar en el Medio” program, where they had the opportunity to talk about various topics that they have studied this year as well as to present the activity planned for next week. This activity is a cleaning of the Seco riverbed, organized within the second group project of Global Perspectives. It will take place next Tuesday, January 30, starting at 11:30 in the morning, being the meeting point the mouth of the Seco River. In the before-mentioned program, they explained the objectives of this activity and the importance of adding volunteers to it, for which they invited everyone who wants to participate. At the end of the recording, the three students were very satisfied both by experience and by the final result.

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