Hospital de Málaga

A group of students went to Hospital Materno Infantil de Málaga to make a donation to the Asociación Avoi.

Eva Castillo Gaitán, Christine Álvarez de Rivera Dannhoff and Carmen Molina Misas (Year 10)  decided – in the context of their first project for the subject Global Perspectives – to carry out different activities as part of a solidarity market with the purpose of raising funds for the association. Representatives at Avoi were surprised by the fact that schoolchildren as young as 14 years old were able to manage this entire project, which has lasted almost three months.

Once all the fundraising activities were carried out, they went to deliver the money with their teacher Manuel Galiana García. Both the students and the teacher were very satisfied with the final result and their contribution brought to the work carried out by the Avoi Association, which is helping children who suffer from cancer.

The project will be completed with a primary school assembly to inform the students about the work of this and other associations that collaborate in the fight against cancer.

Link to AVIO (Asociación de Voluntarios Oncología Infantil):

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