Day Of The Child 2016

World Day of the Rights of Child

 On Friday 18th of November we celebrated the “World Day of the Rights of Child”. The whole school participated in an activity on the playground: we sang, all together, from Early Years to Year 13, the  song “We are the World”.

With this performance we wanted to show the participation of all the members of the school, teachers as well as students, headmistress…to develop the Rights of Child in Almuñécar International School.

But not only the Rights, children have responsibilities too.

They have to respect the rights of other children in the school. In the classroom we have to respect the Right of Education being in silence, working and doing tasks that our teachers think are the best for our education.

During whole the day we held activities about the Rights of the Child.

In the entrance there was an exhibition of works of all the students as a message to the parents when they come into the school.

We think it was a very rewarding day for everyone at school.

We hope it made us aware of what is happening to millions of children all over the world, when their rights are not respected.

Srta Díaz  y  Srta Folgueiras

Day Of The Child Nov 2016 Video

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